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I find it interesting that the same bottom feeders I had to deal with when I started acting over 3 years ago…are still stuck at the bottom. (I’ve blocked them but I still see their shit when it’s attached to other people’s feed) They’re still scamming people and still trying to fake it to make it. Still exaggerating themselves, still making up fake awards that don’t exist, still padding their IMDB with projects that have not nor will ever be made, still winning illegitimate unheard of film festivals that were put together by their friends. Still padding their social media accounts with fake followers that never retweet or interact with them despite supposedly having over 50k. I notice that they also seem to like to cling to one another, like poop nuggets at the bottom of an unflushed public toilet…Because they are constantly trying to validate each other when in reality, they’ve done absolutely nothing worthwhile.

You are not a director until you’ve directed something from beginning to end, you are not a producer until you’ve produced something into distribution, and you are not an actor until they pay you to show up on set.

That doesn’t mean you can’t want to be those things, I’m just saying put the effort into achieving it instead of pretending to have already done it.

Be proactive in getting yourself out there and legitimately promoting your media instead of just buying likes and followers and acting like you’re already “so popular.” What’s even weirder is how I’ve seen people be given opportunities only to blow it, it’s hard work, it takes some skill and patience…what did you think it would be? It’s like they’d rather sit at home and be Facebook famous, then on set actually being an actor.

I love what I do, and I love all the hard work that goes into it. I like getting to do cool shit, and I promote myself and my projects just enough to (hopefully) not be too annoying. I believe it’s an actor’s job to support the people that hired them in the first place…plus it’s what I’ve got to do to keep working and getting better projects. Hustle responsibly :)

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