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Social Media Etiquette for Actors

There’s always a fine line in the industry between needing to promote your stuff and just needing to knock it off, so here’s a new column on annoying things not to do on social media if you’re in the biz….

1. Posting on other peoples pages. Unless you have permission, don’t post your stuff on someone else’s Facebook wall. That’s their wall, for their stuff. If they liked your crap they’d have just willingly shared it in the first place. I had to change my settings to stop anyone from posting on my wall because so many people tried promoting themselves on it.
2. Don’t use Twitter bots and follow apps. I’ve had to block people for spamming my newsfeed and for constantly following/unfollowing me. If all your followers are just other people trying to get followers, then it’s not the same as having a real social media presence. That’s why they have all these “followers” and very few actual retweets and fan interaction.
3. Rehashing past accomplishments. Yea, we saw that thing you did the first 50 times you posted about it. You’re basically telling everyone that you haven’t done anything in the 10 months since. You’ve got to get out there and find new projects, or work on creating your own content.
4. Photo opp whoring. Don’t act like you’re buddies on Facebook with a celebrity that you actually just bum rushed at an event for a picture. It’s as meaningless as that “carpet pic” you had someone take with your own cell phone after it was closed down and everyone left. Focus on the legitimate things you’ve done, or everything you do will become suspect.
5. F’n hashtags. A hashtag is a way to find what other people are saying about a topic, a show, a person, an event, etc. Sometimes, it’s just used to show sarcasm in mockery of those that overuse them, and that can be funny. But stop hashtagging 30 things either no one cares about like #chair #burrito #chapstick or that they’re rolling their eyes about like #lovethislife #imsoawesome #actorslife it makes you look like a #conceited #douchebrag Random people will always follow you here and there, and it has nothing to do with hashtagging #sock and if it did, trust me you don’t want that kind of fan.

I hope this helps, I know I’m not perfect, but I do try to recognize my own mistakes and try to promote my career in a way that isn’t too braggy or self serving. I do try to keep it real, yo’ Social media can be a great tool in the industry, but it shouldn’t always be about that either. It’s also got to be a good part funny memes, cat videos, and tagged drunk pictures of you and your friends. :)

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